We have decided to call 2019, The Year for Love. There is so much going on in the world, and we believe that the only way forward is to love more, look for our connections and our common ground. This idea of connection, of emotion is at the very heart of our brand. It is what the heart bottle symbolises: authentic emotions - and the heart, the real heart - is the instrument of how we connect to, and feel about each other.

Feeling with our hearts, being brave and bold and truly standing up for what we believe in. Embracing difference and uniqueness. Being our own person. Challenging and disrupting the norm. Striving for excellence. Loving with all our hearts - and then some!

As it is the end of January, which is officially the end of our Summer holidays in Australia, we have been reflecting on the past year and what the new year brings. Last year was an amazing year for us. Our relationships grew and new ones flourished, we had a lot of critical recognition and engaged more with you: the free, the mysterious, the passionate, the peaceful, the courageous, the ecstatic, the loving. 

You are the discoverers, and we know in facing our challenges ahead we will be inspired together. A very heartfelt thanks for all your support. Onwards and upwards in 2019.