If you’re in need of inspiration for Mother’s Day, take some advice from our team with the gifts they’re planning to give their mums — or hoping to receive.

Maternal love - dual, potent, infinite and absolute. 

White Heart's ethereal and sharp opening of French lavender, aldehyde and cardamom coolly invite us into the vast landscape of love. In this blinding whiteness we find the bold red of the umeboshi accord that propels us into an intense and wild sense of love. In a whirl we fall into the carnal pureness of gardenia and bask in its radiance. The vibrancy and intensity of the natural oud resonates with the deep voice of love. 

For mums-on-the-go, the refillable travel vial allows you to leave your precious perfume bottles at home and fill the vial (with any fragrance of your choice) to carry in your bag or pocket. Perfect for travelling and simple to use - just fill, twist and spray. 

Each travel vial comes packaged in a black tubular box with instructions. Capacity: 8mL 

For mums who like discovering for themselves. Each gift card comes with a complimentary sample set so they can choose their own heart. Gift Cards are redeemable online or in store with a custom code.