Black Heart v.2 treads the corridors of Cocteau where reality and fantasy collide in the world of the dark and the surreal. It flirts with the dark side of sensuality journeying into the unknown self. It is the pause between heartbeats. It is the most potent of love stories. 

It’s smoky heart of mysterious spices is shot through with shards of fresh eucalyptus and citrus to create an impolite mix of opposites. A smoky wood accord underlines the contrast of dark and light with Australian sandalwood bringing a rich and deep signature.

"We live in Australia near the beach and the bush. Every four years the bush is burnt to clear it of debris and also many of the trees will not regenerate without the heat to pop their seedpods. So fire is both destructive and regenerative. The afternoon of the fire, Jeff photographed the burnt trees – the white summer ‘snow’ of ash on the ground with the sun streaming through the smoke. This image was the inspiration for the fragrance."

- Sarah Blair, Co-Founder