Today, as we celebrate the sellout launch of our eighth fragrance, Map of the Heart Partner and Fragrance Developer, Giovanna Aicardi, is joined by V.8 Abundance perfumers Jacques Huclier, from Givaudan New York, and Amelie Jacquin, from Givaudan Paris.

Together they talk about collaboration, the creative process, new innovative ingredients, and crafting the tender, primal and beguiling scent symphony that is V.8 Abundance, a scent designed to truly get under your skin.


Giovanna Aicardi (GA): Welcome! I would start with you Amelie as this is the first fragrance we have done together, what made you interested in working with Map of the Heart?

Amelie Jacquin (AJ): I really like the manifesto of the brand that everything comes from our heart. I like to create with my heart, my emotions. And I was really thrilled to work with Jacques.

GA: Jacques, you have worked with us from the beginning, for you how did you feel starting on our eighth fragrance together?

Jacques Huclier (JH): Creating for Map of the Heart is always a pleasure for me, the projects always transport me to unique and unexpected universes. It is always nice to work around new sources of inspiration and with the most beautiful ingredients.

For this new perfume, I partnered with Amelie, this was our first collaboration and a beautiful experience.


"I really liked this strong link between human beings and their roots. The contrast between minerality and the skin: a challenge to transcribe into fragrance."


GA: Our brief to you both had three main points: to create around a sense of place a juice that would play into minerality, and this notion of a fragrance that would really get under your skin. From this what inspired you the most?

AJ: This brief was really inspiring. I really liked this strong link between human beings and their roots. The contrast between minerality and the skin: a challenge to transcribe into fragrance.

JH: These three points were the keystone of the project. The minerality and the sense of place, the feeling of well-being at home inspired me a lot. Sarah Blair (Map of the Heart co-Founder) sent us a stone, its smell is very special, both vibrant metallic and surprisingly sensual. This was perfect as a starting point for the minerality.

details inside the lab

GA: We mentioned briefly the idea of place. V.8 Abundance was developed over the last few years when our feet were planted firmly on the ground, we thought a lot about being at home – where our roots are and how this affects our beings and who we are. What represents, for you, the sense of home?

JH: That’s where our roots are, where we find our landmarks, it’s synonymous with happiness. It’s the place where we like to meet, where we recharge our batteries.

AJ: The sense of home is something strong for me. It is an incredible feeling which mixes smells, memories and comforting sensations.

"That's where our roots are, where we find landmarks, it's synonymous with happiness."

GA: As an Australian fragrance house, we have always been especially interested in heroing Australian ingredients. With V.8 Abundance we worked with one of our favourite ingredients that is the fils rouge of our brand - Australian sandalwood. Can you talk about how we used this?


AJ: I like the fact that sandalwood is present in every fragrance of the brand. It is the olfactive signature. To bring different facets to this fragrance, we used 2 qualities of Australian sandalwood which have both their signatures. We also added an incredibly powerful Givaudan ingredient called Mystikal. The idea was to give this mineral and mystic touch to the fragrance in association with the olibanum.

JH: We have associated sandalwood Spicatum with sandalwood Album.
Sandalwood Spicatum is in all the brand’s creations. With its milky and therefore reassuring woody note, sandalwood Album evokes well-being at home. The incense by its subtly woody balsamic note and slightly spicy is used in some temples, this smell brings minerality and serenity.

GA: Amelie, you mention Mystikal. I was very interested in working with some of these Givaudan captives which is part of the company's sustainable innovation. The importance of sustainable fragrance ingredients extends far beyond the realm of perfumery - it is not merely a trend but a necessity. These captives forge a path to a more sustainable future and sees innovation and technology harmonise a balance between luxury and artistry, and environmental consciousness. What are the captives we worked with on V.8 Abundance?

AJ: For this fragrance, we used several captives from Givaudan such as: Mystikal as I mentioned, but also Rosyfolia which brings this incredible bloom and Akigalawood for the complex woody earthy note.

GA: We also used upcycled ingredients. The process of upcycling reimagines waste as a valuable resource, extracting fragrance from what would ordinarily be ingredient by-product or waste. Upcycled ingredients offer a unique opportunity to reduce environmental impact but also discover new olfactory dimensions and possibilities which is exciting. Can you explain how we utilised these ingredients?

AJ: We used Akigalawood which is an upcycled ingredient from the residues of patchouli distillation and which have a very particular signature.

JH: Akigalawood has vibrant spicy aspects of pepper and woody facets of patchouli and agarwood. It is a new generation of natural Captives from Bioscience. It is produced by enzymatic reaction on a specific fraction of patchouli oil. It smells fantastic.


GA: Biodegradable ingredients are another thing we really tried to embrace with this fragrance. What is the importance of these innovations/ ingredients?

AJ: We are proud to be more responsible everyday by working with upcycled and biodegradable ingredients. Our goal is to reach a 100% biodegradable palette in the future. Our palette is more and more biodegradable. It is our responsibility to be more and more good for the planet. For us it’s a new way to work, it’s a new way to be creative.


"Our creation is like a second skin, wearing it is an exceptional experience."

GA: These are the 3 words that we use to describe V.8 Abundance: tender, primal, and beguiling. Which one corresponds more to your reaction of V.8 Abundance?

I like the adjective primal because it gives this idea of being really instinctive which is really what I like about fragrances. The sense of smell is really primal.

JH: Primal is actually the word that translates V.8, I will add beguiling. Our creation is like a second skin, wearing it is an exceptional experience.

GA: With Sarah, we just concluded Esxence and the feedback on V.8 Abundance has been spectacular. We are very proud about this promising 8th journey into the Map of the Heart. My heartfelt thank you to you, dear Jacques and Amelie.



Jacques Huclier & Amelie Jacquin
Interview by Giovanna Aicardi 
Photography by Jacinta Hayne, and courtesy of Givaudan Paris.
Special thanks to Givaudan