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"Darkness. The Black Heart v.2 was very much inspired by Conrad’s Heart of Darkness - the journey into the unknown self. We have always been fascinated by the idea that you don’t know what you will find until you push yourself that bit further to the edge - where suddenly all is heightened, all means so much more. It is here that we truely understand what it is to live.”

- Sarah Blair Co-founder - Map of the Heart


"The Black Heart v.2 film is very much at the core of Map Of The Heart’s identity. A theme of Darkness was encapsulated within its story where beauty and hope often rise from the darkest of places. The film portrays the action of a goddess finding ways to feel the true rush of life, pushing herself so close to the edge to have that sensation of what it is to live."

- Jeffrey Darling, Director + Co-founder - Map of the Heart




"Originally we had another scent for Black Heart v.2, but then when we got the first black heart bottles back we felt that it wasn’t potent enough. Map of the Heart Fragrance Developer and Partner, Giovanna, had just joined our team and we did not say anything to her about it, but she came back with the same thoughts so we made the decision to start again. At this time the bush by our house was burnt as Australian bush needs to be burnt periodically to open seed pods and lessen the fuel load as it has been managed for thousands of years by the First Australians. Jeff photographed it in the afternoon when the flames had subsided, we said, this is the Black Heart. We sent the image to Giovanna and Perfumer, Jacques Huclier.”

- Sarah Blair & Jeff Darling, Co-founders, Map of the Heart




"Sometimes an image is where you find the right angle to finalise an idea. When Sarah sent this image (above) to Jacques and I, we fine-tuned our ideas of what DARKNESS is in terms of olfaction, and Black Heart v.2 fragrance came potent and evident to us. 

The sunlight filters through the black burned trees of eucalyptus. The silver ash is like a summer snow - creating a surreal dimension. The light invites you to discover more, the dark can fascinate or reject you.

The scent is exactly that. If it must be dark, it should be it all the way. It has to be stronger than strong to come with you in this fascinating, but maybe dangerous trip inside your deep unknown. In the map of the heart it represents the heart of DARKNESS: the intriguing/tempting pleasure to discover of yourself at the edge.

We imagined a pyramid composed by 2 main parts instead of the classic 3 levels, to create an impolite mix of opposites. An intense fresh and luminous start (mixing citrus and eucalyptus) becomes warmer with a burning heart made of mysterious spices complex both vibrant and deep. This first facet opens the vision/door to the darkest of the worlds, with a surprising and dense dry down notes (smoky woods accord as main signature and Australian sandalwood) to create a rich and intensely haunting construction.

For sure Black Heart v.2 is not for everyone. But when you fall in love with the darkest side of sensuality you are not the same anymore. “

- Giovanna Aicardi, Fragrance Developer and Partner, Map of the Heart 

Black is the ‘colour' of mystery, of the unknown. When light shines on glossy black, it is the most luxurious and potent of colours. In darkness we can fly into the abyss, surrender ourselves, and soar to the crack of light. Even in darkness there is light and hope.