"In beginning the White Heart v.7 fragrance we started with this idea of the infinite and vastness in a landscape sense. We were thinking about snow and  sand scapes, the blinding light and the emotions these type of places evoke: that they are open and beautiful and scary. For us it felt like love in all its guises. Love makes the world go ‘round,  it can make us be the people we want to be. It can drive us crazy. Love is every emotion.  It is a rollercoaster, a ride, a trip. It is infinite. It is fleeting. It is dual. It is absolute. This is what we set out to explore in creating our heart of love.”
- Sarah Blair, Co-founder, Map of the Heart



"The White Heart v.7 film evokes the innocent ceremony of love. Two possible lovers are seen going through a ritual of attraction presenting themselves and objects to each other vying for attention but at times being ignored, making the flirtation even more attractive. The inspiration is of two birds playing out an attraction with their own seemingly odd rules of courtship.

Originally we were to shoot on location at the end of another project in Texas but the bad weather shifted the shoot back home to Sydney. We explored elements of white to create a heightened and intriguing world and finally shot at an exterior handball court letting sunlight sculpt our characters and props with an air of optimism

- Jeffrey Darling, Co-founder, Map of the Heart 




"When constructing this fragrance, we started with 3 keys: 1. a new colour: the white, 2. a beloved Middle Eastern ingredient: the natural oud and 3. the process of metamorphosis in achieving absolute love.

We wanted to express in olfaction that exact moment of conflict and growth, where all the phases of absolute love are beautifully captured and reflect the dualities of love, where one makes the other stronger. 

During the development, I found very inspiring the music and the symbolic interpretation of nature of the composer and director Toshio Hosokawa, in which sound and silence are equally important. “Silence is full of sound if we only knew how to listen to it”. The silence makes the sound more intensified and without that, the sound will be faint. 

Working with the Natural oud really started to captivate us and we built the fragrance around that. We didn’t want it to be a big oud fragrance, but more of an homage to oud and to introduce some surprising ingredients to be in line with our ideas of love and its dualities.

The Cypriol / Vetiver interplay makes the sense of infinity and Copaiba Balsam / Sandalwood the earthy quality meaning of purity. Elusive but potent.  Intense in opposite ways. Madly distinguishable as the absolute love. Diffusive in its evolution. Sharp but infinite. No compromise!

I remember my thrilling surprise when perfumer dream team Jacques Huclier and Nisrine Grillié added the red umeboshi accord, I totally had a coup de coeur and I was really proud of the work we did. It was a sign that the fragrance was reaching the perfect balance.”

- Giovanna Aicardi, 

Fragrance Developer and Partner, Map of the Heart 



When white light is refracted it splits into the 7 colours of the rainbow. So our Heart of Love celebrates and champions all kinds of love. The porcelain matte finish of the white bottle is very tactile and comfortable in the hand.